Mrs Nutting’s Summer Holiday Challenges


The Summer holidays are here, I hope you have lots of fun!

Here are some challenges you might like to try, tick them off as you complete them and maybe take a photo. See how many you can do before September!

Learn to do something new-what will it be?

Write a story or a poem.

Make a new friend.

Make someone laugh.

Paint or draw a picture.

Learn a new times table.

Build a den.

Bake or cook something.

Read lots-every day if you can.

Play sports-will you swim, cycle, run, play football or something else?

Learn a new song to sing.

Make up a dance.

Make a model-what will you use?

Try a new food.

Help someone with a job.

Write a letter and send it to someone-I wonder if they’ll reply?

Get wet!

Be polite and be kind!

Most of all have lots of fun!

I am going to try to complete some challenges too and I’ll give an update on the school website. If you would like to you can email me to let me know how you are getting on.

Have a great summer holiday-see you all in September

Mrs Nutting



Friday 12th June-Big Sing for Peace

Wow, what a fantastic day I had today in the company of our Year 2/3 Singing Club! 

We took part in a workshop all about peace,as part of it the children made peace doves and wrote peace poems. We took part in the Big Sing in City Park along with children from other Bradford Primary Schools, parents and members of the public. The children enjoyed lots of songs with actions and dancing. We met the Lord Mayor and had a photo with him.

The children performed on stage, the only school to do so in the lunchtime slot and some of the youngest at the event. The children sang beautifully to a large audience, I was so proud of them and felt very emotional by the time they came off stage! 

The children's behaviour was impeccable throughout and was commented on by lots of people involved. 

The event was so well organised and made me proud to be part of Bradford. The whole day was a lovely experience for children and adults alike with a key message that we sang about in our song:

'We will try to make this world of ours a place where all can live in the unity and brotherhood of man'. 

Well done Singing Club!

Mrs Nutting

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Den Building Week 2nd-5th June
We are supporting 'Save the Children Den Day'-The idea is that children are sponsored to build dens out of all kinds of materials both indoors and outdoors. For more information have a look at:

During this week we will be asking the children to build dens and to bring in ‘den building’ donations which will all be sent to Save the Children to support their work around the world. The idea of building a temporary den is very apt in light of the recent earthquakes in Nepal where we see people living in temporary structures constructed with whatever they can find in the wreckage of their country.
·         £95 could buy a kit to help a family to protect their shelter against the weather.

Can you help us? We need materials for our den building and would be grateful for lengths of cloth, old curtains, net curtains, large cardboard boxes and pieces of cardboard, large cardboard tubes, pieces of wood or plywood, bamboo canes, string and rope, carpet tiles, in fact practically anything can be used to build a den! If you have any materials we could use they can be brought into school on Tuesday 2nd June. If you would like to donate to Save the Children donations can be given in at the school office.
Thank you
Mrs Nutting

We have adopted a new school prayer.

Oxenhope CE Primary School Prayer

Bless this Place

Loving Lord

Bless this place

Let your love be here

Fill it with your peace

Let your joy be here

Fill it with your grace

Let your light be here

Fill it with your power

Let us know you are here

Fill us with your presence.



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Celebration Assembly-please can I politely remind all parents and carers that we cannot allow photos or filming during the assembly but that we will make an opportunity for you to take a photo of your child at the end of assembly. Some children cannot be photographed as it may be a safeguarding risk or their parents may have chosen not to have their child on photos which may be shared outside school. As part of our parent/carer acceptable use policy we ask that you all sign the agreement which I have copied below. I must ask that everyone adheres to this policy in order to respect the wishes of all parents and the safety of every child. Thank you.

‘I understand that there may be children within the school who cannot legally be photographed or filmed for child protection reasons and I agree not to take photographs or film while on school premises’.

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If you would like more information about the online world in general and how to navigate through it and keep yourself and your child safe - including parental controls, device settings, social media, text messaging and much more please click on the link below. It will take you to the Vodaphone Digital Parenting page of their website. 

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Visit from the Sports Minister
Visit from the Sports Minister

Headteacher's Welcome:

 Welcome to Oxenhope CE Primary School and to our school website. I hope you will find the website a useful point of reference for up to date information about our school.

At our school we aim to develop a lifelong love of learning and discovery in the context of a Church of England school. Our aim is to be a truly inclusive school with a shared culture and a positive climate based on Christian values, a school where people of all faiths and none are welcomed and valued. As a church school Head Teacher my vision is for a school based on equity and entitlement, educating the whole child in body, mind and spirit and which witnesses to its Christian values in the local and wider community.

At Oxenhope our aim is to provide rich experiences, a happy, quality learning environment and an outstanding quality of education. Through our exciting curriculum we nurture every child’s academic, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and physical development. Through exciting contexts we are keen to allow each child to pursue their own individual learning journey and their own interests.

We promote learning outside the classroom through our varied extra-curricular activities, after school clubs and use of the outdoors.

We work closely in partnership with parents and carers. We have an ‘open door’ policy and encourage parents and carers to get involved in school life in whatever way they feel most comfortable.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with us in school at any time.


Kathrine Nutting

Head Teacher


Comments, Quotes & Feedback

'Lovely food, they had really spent a long time doing all the work. Thank you'.

 'I really enjoyed coming into the class to experience the Indian afternoon. I'm glad it went on until 4pm as I work and it was nice not to miss out. The food was lovely and I hope to be able to come to more events like this'. 

'A lovely afternoon. It was great to have the opportunity to see the children's work and to be involved in the activities they have been enjoying. Lovely food and a fantastic effort by all of the children and teachers'.

'We are very happy with the new maths homework system and value the 3 way communication parent/child/teacher'
'I've found Z's maths homework really useful. The exercises seem to reflect what the children are learning in class and we can see clear examples of the methods the children have been taught to tackle the problems'.

'Thank you for facilitating the wonderful Year 1 Arts day yesterday. J absolutely loved it. He talked about it from the moment I picked him up from Explorers and then spent an hour giving me my very own Art master class on our kitchen floor! '